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About UpskillAdvisers

Hooria has worked in the corporate world for years, in fact over 18 years, but she also has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge so much so that she was teaching at one of the Universities in Sydney since 2014 as a guest lecturer.

She started teaching personal wealth management subjects and realised how abstract the topic is and not as practical as she would expect.


So, while practising as a financial adviser and teaching at the university, she started developing more practical, case study and scenario-based courses for the advisers. She then joined one of the leading education providers of financial services, but  felt that she could do better and more for her peer advisers in the most challenging times.


In the times that the industry is under the hammer, new standards and regulations are hitting us from the right, left and centre. And we still have to service our clients and keep moving forward. 


She felt that the oversimplified versions of the current courses and workshops don't do justice to her peers, who are very educated, knowledgeable and passionate about financial services and their client's best interests. 


So she developed an intensive eight-week online course to help advisers get exam-ready in no time. 
It's structured to cover each of the Financial Advisers Exam curriculum in one week and practice it in the next week. 


From an adviser to another one, She is very proud of what we have achieved as an industry during a challenging time, and she can't wait to see every one of her peers pass their Financial Advisers exam and succeed in their ventures. Let's do it together!

Hooria Goodarzi

Some of her qualifications: 

  • Bachelor in Mathematics,

  • Master of Finance

  • Behavioural Finance Researcher

  • Over nine years of experience in Financial Services and eleven years in Risk management and Governance

If you would like to know more about Hooria, you can check my LinkedIn page.

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